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Ok, so in the previous post we discussed briefly what a WPS and a PQR are for, but as usual, a little more clarification might be necessary.

A welding procedure specification (wps) is a document that describes specifically the details pertaining to one and usually only one type of welding procedure to be done.

A procedure qualification report (pqr) is a document that is generated and used to qualify a wps.

Do you as a welder, need to make a wps ?

No you do not need to make a wps if you are just welding and not involved with quality control or other management duties in a company. You don’t need a wps for welding general hobby type things like projects in your back yard and stuff.

You do need a wps if you are welding on a project that is to be done by a code or standard. These are generally specified in the contract documents and it is the company’s responsibility to generate a wps for their welding personnel to qualify to.

If you were responsible for creating a wps, what are some things you might want to start with?

Welding Inspection.....WPS

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