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Welding Generator Machines and GMAW

Learning About Welding Generator Machines

It is now October and I can feel the weather changing. It is the perfect time of year to crank up the generators and weld outside again.


After all the excitement of just looking at one of these things, we need to figure out how to use it right?

First, you want to make sure you have the correct amount of oil in the engine. Of course, read the owners manual if you need to find out where to put the gas and stuff. But onto what we are here for the welding stuff.

Take a moment to look at the front panel and try to locate where and how the process you want to use can be adjusted. I will point out that this machine is a multi-process power source. That means that you can weld with more than one type of process but not at the same time. For example, if I wanted to utilize SMAW and switch to GMAW, a good idea of how to set the panel is important.

Looking at the top left you will see a dial with three selections highlighted in orange and three selections highlighted in white. The orange area means that when the dial is on one of these three, the electrode hookup lugs are electrically hot when the engine is running. The white area needs to use a remote control (foot pedal) to initiate current to flow. In other words, the electrode hookup lugs are not active when the engine is running.

Moving to the right, you need to understand what the numbers in the white band are as opposed to the numbers in the blue band. Do you know?

Directly below that dial is a lever that selects between “panel” or “remote” Does anyone know when it should be in panel only?

That leaves the polarity selector lever. If I am using an E7018 electrode, which is the best polarity to use?

The other important thing I would point out is. Never start the generator while both welding cable leads are still hooked up and wrapped around the machine. This machine produces static electricity as well and the fuel tank is practically 2 foot away. Safety, safety, safety


So let’s say I want to use GMAW with the generator, is it just as easy as switching a few knobs and dials and away I go? Yes, actually it is but without the basic understanding of things it can be very frustrating. So the question is….

What else do I need besides the welding generator to Mig weld with?

You will need….

Welding Generator Machines and GMAW

wire feeder








This is a basic wire feeder. There is a small motor that runs off power from the generators remote pin receptacle that drives the…drive rolls to pull the wire along the torch.

Welding Generator Machines and GMAW

Which drive rolls can you see?

Now incase you were wondering if you can Mig weld off any welding generator, the answer is no. It needs to be a generator that is primarily suited for welding and preferably a CV/CC machine. GMAW can be used on CC only machines, but not for critical welds.

If you have any welding generator issues, post them here so that I can answer them for the betterment of the welding life community.

And one more thing….

Welding Generator Machines and GMAW

Don’t forget to turn the gas on.

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tony reid
tony reid

i looked at the web site and right now i have no questions

Sean D
Sean D

I enjoyed using the welding generator more than I imagined. Hearing the rpms increase adds a layer of predictability to starting the the SMAW weld.

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