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Corner Welding Position

Corner Welding Position

A corner welding position introduces some new challenges. In the “T” joint, you control your fillet weld size, angle of deposit and travel speed. With practice, satisfactory results can be produced with little effort.

Corner welds which are actually “fillet” welds, introduce open root penetration techniques and face reinforcement control. Both of these we see primarily in groove welds.

For this reason, I choose to have students practice this joint as an intermediate step before they practice on groove welds.

As with everything, it is all about the set up. How you choose to do this is up to you but I suggest finding suitable fixtures to allow for proper tack welding to be done.

Ideally, both base members should be positioned to form a 90 degree angle with a root opening of no more than 1/8″.

We use E6010, E7018 and E7024 to weld the root and weave the filler passes and cap.

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