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Tamarac Manufacturer

(2) Mig on Aluminum Welder  $15-18/hr

1st and 2nd shift Monday – Friday


·         Must have experience Mig welding on aluminum

·         Vertical fillet welds, Circular welds / turntable, butt welds, horizontal

·          Can interpret basic elements of a drawing or sketch including welding symbol

·         Can identify types of joints and welds

·          Can set up and maintain welding machines including changing wire, gas.

·         Has authority to stop production when nonconforming parts are detected

·         Follows safe manufacturing and material handling practices with adherence to PPE requirements

(2)Fluxcore/Stick Welder $15/hr and Fitter $16/hr, entry level $14/hr but must have basic stick welding skills

2nd shift 4:30pm to 2am M-Thursday and Friday 2pm – 10pm, Saturday overtime optional 6am to noon


·         Must have experience with Flux Core Welding or Stick Welding. (If they can Mig weld then they should be fine)

·         The right applicant will be welding on structural beams in the shop.

·         No layout or blueprint experience is needed. (if they have it they can be considered for the structural fitter opening).




(2) Mig Welders $15-17/hr

1st shift M-F 6am to 4:30pm


·         Welding of armoring plates onto vehicles

·         Polishing metal and deburring

·         Performing mig welding on steel

(1) Tig Welder $14-17/hr

1st shift 7am to 3:30pm


•Position, layout, align and fit components together for industrial enclosures.
•Set-up equipment and weld parts using arc, gas shield arc, submerged arc or gas welding equipment.
•Weld with stainless and aluminum.
•Use a measuring tape to read blueprints to specifications.
•May assemble parts by bolting or riveting.
•Assemble components together to make a control panel.
•Assist with assembly for the various departments as needed.
•Bolting and assembly of various items.
•Help with expandable and container work.
•Use of bandsaw with an automated feeder.
•Examine the control panel to detect defects after assembly is completed.
•Install the control panel into enclosure with the assistance of 1 – 2 other people.
•Layout control panels for various clients by reading prints and wiring diagrams.
•Install components for motor controls and control panels



TIG Welder $17 to 25/hr

1st shift working in the Aerospace Industry


·         Maintain Qualification requirements – welders and welding operators must demonstrate their skills by producing acceptable test welds per AWS D17.1 and or per customer requirements in specified material Groups

·         Able to Weld to AWS D17.1 on material range from .018’’ to .080’’ on sure alloys ( cobalt, nickel, stainless steel and titanium)

·         Welders and welding operators must pass (OCP) Operator Certification Program

·         Set up and perform fusion welding operations in the facility, manual and or automatic within the limits of certifications in accordance with customer requirements, QWI-02 and current methods and process sheets

·         Check welds visually and dimensionally with precision measuring instruments for conformance to blueprints and specifications

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