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Learn More About Blueprint Reading

Okay, so what good does it do us as welders if we can’t understand the instructions given to us to weld what needs to be welded? Becoming an excellent welder is great, but understanding and interpreting welding blueprints is even better. You have to practice reading and visualizing all of the components on a print. Try to learn something every week and ask me any question pertaining to this and I will do everything possible to make sure you understand it. Today’s lesson: There are three basic views we typically use to show a part.

  • Front view
  • Top view
  • Right side view

These three views are considered “Orthographic projections” and they are two-dimensional.

Blueprint Reading
Now we can see the three basic views, can anyone give me a description of an oblique view?

Moving on….We will talk about welding symbols now, so take a look at the following illustrations.

This chart shows everything that could be placed on a welding symbol. I have never had the privilege of using all of these at one time, but I suppose its possible. Can anyone tell me what you could put in the “finish” symbol area? The next two charts show various symbols of weld types and joint types. On these last two charts, what is something they both have in common? Which type of profile do you see?

Blueprint Reading
Blueprint Reading
Blueprint Reading

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